If you are ahead in pieces, it is to your advantage to simplify!  Don't take chances, and give your opponent an opportunity to find a way to win or draw, if you don't have to.  Simplify the position to one that is clear and easy for you finish without complications! Hints are provided at bottom of page!








a) How can white simplify in this position?










b) How can white simplify in this position?










c) Though there are many ways for white to win this game, simplifying assures no complications! Can you find how white can easily simplify in this position?












d) How can white simplify in this position?












e) How can white simplify and win easily!







Solutions:  a) RxRch, KxR   then  K-c6 and the pawn will easily queen!

                       b) B-g3ch, king moves,  then BxB with a winning endgame for white!

                       c) Q-g5ch, QxQ,  then KxQ with a winning end game for white!

                       d) R-d6ch, if K-c3, then B-a5 followed by BxN simplifies!  If K-e3, then B-g5, followed by BxN!

                       e) Q-c6ch, K moves, then QxQ followed by P-a5 wins easily for white!